Radiant Robotics

Team 19531

We are working on our robot for the challenge, which each of us are working on different aspects to get our team off the ground. We are working on social engagement, finding willing sponsors to add to our community, gaining the skills for creativity, and learning to build a robot that we can all take part in. Each team member has an important role in creating a well oiled team.

Our foundation is based on our school, it is why we are open to finding community with other schools. Since we are a close knit community at UMEI, we work well together, but because of our small size, we like becoming part of new communities and getting to know more people. Building community is one of our goals as a team, and being able to reach out to other people is something that we look forward to as a team.

We are working to achieve an award from the FTC power play, the Innovate Award. An award that highlights creativity, and how we were able to choose our design. As well as the turmoil that went into designing a proper robot.


We learn how to build robotics with certain parts, and obtaining new skills from the experience.


Coding our robot so that we are able to do a portion of the challenge that is autonomous. As well as the proper controls to drive our robot in the challenge.

Social Outreach

Our team also reaches out into the community whether that be through social media or through sponsors in our community. We are excited to meet sponsors and get people interested in the FTC Powerplay Community

Braedon Douglas

Braedon Douglas is a grade 12 farm kid from Leamington. He is part of his own farming community and participates in 4H. He raises his own livestock: pigs, cows, and chickens. He has previous robotics expertise from his years here at UMEI. He is skilled in building, and is always adding creative, and out of the box ideas. He assembles the parts, and in a way is our very own mechanic.

Cody Konrad

Cody Konrad is a grade 12, and is also a farm kid from the country. He is loyal to his team, and loves adding ideas into creative discussions. He has also had robotics at UMEI, and enjoys the building aspect of robots. Cody will be our second driver, since he has practice and enjoys the behind the curtain controls.

Isabel Neufeld

Isabel Neufeld is a grade 12 student who has taken robotics at UMEI, and throughly enjoyed it. Although some of the other members do most of the building, there is no stopping her from sharing new ideas. Organizing is one of her strong suits, and she has been managing and has been working in the background. Working on social engagement and getting our team recognized.

Mason Fittler

Mason Fittler is a grade 12 student who is well versed in all things robotics. He is able to keep the team realistic, and know our limits on what we can do. He is practical and the team relies on this aspect. He is a skilled builder and programmer. Recently he has been working behind the scenes to get the team off its feet, and reaching out into the community.

Ryan Friesen

Ryan Friesen is a grade 12 Student, and he has worked hard in the robotics courses offered at UMEI. He has enjoyed the courses and learned skills to harness in the upcoming FTC challenge. He is working on logistics for the team, and learning the rules and aspects of the challenge. He is a key component of out team, and is able to keep our robot from getting the least amount of penalties.

Mentor: Mr. FIttler

Mr. Fittler is our robotics teacher at UMEI, and has taught the team all there is to know about robots. He guides the team into making carefully thought out decisions, and managing the account to ordering the parts that we need. He has helped each member out with the roles we have, and his experience is irreplaceable.